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The 2nd BlogFest.Asia which was held in Penang from the 1st of October until the 3rd of October has officially ended. The 3rd BlogFest.Asia’s location has yet to be confirmed, but there are a few countries that are being taken into consideration.

The bloggers that I met during these 2 days (I did not turn up for the events that were held on the 1st day (sadly) due to some problems that I was facing) were fun, energetic and are pretty active in the blogging sphere. Bloggers from all over the world came here, we even had USA bloggers who attended the event! We, the local Penangites were there as well as many other bloggers that came from other parts of Malaysia. The foreign visitors include bloggers from Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India as well as the Philippines.

Thanks to Criz for pointing out that I missed Indonesia ^^” Sorry to our fellow Indonesian bloggers!

The local Chinese bloggers awards were also held on the 2nd day. It was hosted by MyBloggerCon.

Various coverages from the bloggers that attended the event:
Blog posts from various countries
Blogfest Asia 2010 @ Penang – Day 1: Heritage Tour by Silver Ang (An actress from Singapore!)

Blog posts from Malaysia
Photos of 2010 BlogFest.Asia welcome dinner @ QE II, Penang, Malaysia by Sam
Blogfest Asia 2010 @ QE2, Penang – Welcome Dinner by Valyn (Malaysia)
I Wuz In Penang for BlogFest Asia by Zach (Malaysia)
Blog Fest Asia 2010 by Alan Chong (Malaysia)
Journey of BlogFest.Asia 2010 by Lady Cooper (Exabytes Malaysia)
With Internet, now everyone can be a journalist… by Alexandre
BlogFest Asia 2010 by TSNRA
BlogFest.Asia in Penang – Day Two. by Saph (Penang)
MILNIV.VIN’s posts on the various workshops/seminars that were held
<a href="; BlogFest.Asia 2010 – Day 2 (02 October 2010) by JohnShen Lee
<a href="; BlogFest.Asia 2010 – Day 3 (Last Day) by JohnShen Lee

As for the Lets Blog Penang! blogging contest that was held by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, the winners of the contest were:
1st Prize: [Cambodia] Keo Kounila – Asia’s ‘European’ State
2nd Prize: [Taiwan] Tzu Che – Pearl of the Orient, City of the Pirates – My Penang Story
3rd Prize: [Penang] John Khor – Rediscovering Penang with BlogFest.Asia 2010!

Congratulations to all! You may click on the links to read their entries.

Will be updating this post when I get more information on the details ^_^!

Meanwhile for those Penang bloggers that have ‘accidentally’ stumbled into this site, please do join us!

  1. Heya! Nice meeting you and everyone in the blogfest, it’s really fun and fulfilling.!

    • Heya! Yup it was really fun ^_^! Very fortunate for us that it happened in Penang 😀

  2. Great to know you all there! 🙂 You forgot Indonesia. 😛

  3. Glad that I’ve met lots of bloggers here, a great event to be remembered with

  4. waiting for the next in case i can come

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